An outplacement consists of career transition services accompanying employees, managers, executives or specialists in the event of restructuring, contract termination or internal move.

It is an active measure that enables the company and the employee to tackle the sensitive phase of a transition, supervised by a neutral and objective consultant.

It refers to the services that support:

  • Jobseekers whose employment has been terminated by a former employer to secure a new job
  • Individuals who are changing careers and are looking for industry knowledge to help them entering a new market
  • Individuals who have difficulty re-entering the labor market after leaving a company due to unforeseen circumstances


For the Company

  • Reduce financial and moral costs and prevent conflicts
  • Advise on the terms of departure
  • Offer neutral ground
  • Preserve and strengthen the image and reputation of the company
  • Work with an efficient company in the return to employment and retraining
  • Orient the dismissed employee towards the future, help him turn the page
For the Employee
  • Be supported in the search for a new job
  • Reinforce motivation and improve self-confidence
  • Have the services of outplacement and recruitment professionals
  • Facilitate a return to the labor market
  • Make a new start in your professional life
  • Develop your network of relationships
  • Set new goals, short, medium or long term


Our approach includes in-depth Personal Branding techniques combined with career coaching and competency assessments.

The program is tailored made, designed according to the real needs of the individual. It evolves according to the results obtained and the development of the person. The follow-up process is structured by topic, allowing it to be adapted to the situation. It generally includes:

  • Career and skills assessment (EXTRACT) – Who I am and why ?
  • Strengths, Skills, Values, Mission
  • Preparing for active job search (EXPRESS) – How do I communicate about myself ?
  • CV, interview preparation, LinkedIn Profile, Elevator Pitch
  • Research and preparation for employment (EXUDE) – Me and my environment
  • How to tackle the hidden job market, network strategy, sales pitch and negotiation